Cast & Crew

Robert Flanagan – director, producer

RobertRobert Flanagan is a filmmaker and visual artist. He has been making movies since childhood, starting with claymation in Super-8, continuing with feature films in 16mm and currently making documentaries on video. In 1990 Robert founded AJAX FILMS in New York City and has been working in Central America since 2000. All of his films and paintings are guided by his personal vision and his interest in bringing the mystical into the light of day.

In his third feature, Bird in the Sky, Flanagan explored the relationship between good and evil, he has taken this theme even deeper in his current documentary MAXIMÓN – Devil or Saint.

Flanagan’s films have been shown throughout the USA and internationally.

Robert states, “Because of a series of dreams and synchronistic events I felt I really had no choice but to make this film about MAXIMÓN. It has been an incredible journey.”


Suzan Al-Doghachi – producer, editor

SuzanSuzan Al-Doghachi has lived in New York City, Iraq, Germany and is currently working in Central America. She started her career as an editor for German public television. In 1993 she moved to New York City, producing, directing and editing feature films, shorts and documentaries. She also has been on the jury for the Chicks with Flicks Film Festival 2002 – 2006.

Interested in different cultures, Al-Doghachi has been drawn to Central America where she has collaborated with Robert Flanagan on several documentaries including THE GARIFUNA – An Enduring Spirit, THE MAYA OF TOLEDO – Ancient Culture, Modern Lives, SAVING PARADISE, RIVER TO REEF and currently MAXIMÓN – Santo o Diablo.

“What I love about MAXIMÓN is the sincerity and faith of the people. After spending so much time with the material in the editing room the situations are just as electrifying as the first time I experienced them,” says Al-Doghachi.

Mario Galindo

MarioProfessor Mario Galindo was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in 1960; his parents were both teachers and he is a descendant of the archeologist Juan Galindo (1802-1840). He graduated as a teacher for primary education and worked in the rural area of Mam, San Marcos for more than ten years.

Galindo returned to Quetzaltenango where he taught Spanish to foreign students and graduated from the San Carlos University for Spanish grammar and Spanish as Second Language. At the same time, profoundly interested in anthropology, he worked many years with the anthropologist Maury Hutcheson (Montclair State University, USA) for whom he deciphered paleographic writings.

During this time Professor Galindo began studying San Simón. Several reasons motivated him: the general lack of knowledge about this theme and the negative position of the Christian-Judaic church.

Galindo saw this documentary as an opportunity to generate more respect for the Indigenous beliefs and traditions. Mario is our guide into the world of San Simón. His knowledge, personal experience and enthusiasm about Maximón play an indispensable role in this film.


Abelardo Pérez, pbro.

AbelardoAbelardo Pérez, born in Spain, was ordained as a priest in 1972. He is now professor and spiritual director of “El Seminario Mayor del Nuestra Señora del Camino” in Sololá/ Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

Since 1991 he has also been working as an exorcist and is considered an expert in this field. He is the author of the book “Me llaman MAXIMÓN, Satanás con corbata y sombrero” (They call me Maximón, Satan with tie and hat). The book documents his experiences with possessions in which Maximón is used as a vehicle for the Devil.

Padre Peréz contributes his expertise, experiences and remarkable personality to our movie, revealing the dangers of Maximón and the fate of those that have been afflicted by the dark side of this enigmatic figure.


Joel Diamond – composer

JoelJoel Diamond is a Grammy nominated composer, arranger, producer and performer based in New York City. His fusion of traditional orchestral and contemporary electronica creates a striking film-music style.

Amongst a wide selection of Diamond’s work, his film scores include The Believer, winner of the Feature Film Competition for Drama at Sundance 2001, The Suicide Club (Angelika Films) and Heart of the Garden (PBS). He also has produced the scores for Todd Solonz’s Welcome to the Dollhouse (Sony Pictures and Polygram Records) and David Mamet’s Oleanna (Hallmark). He was selected by Variety as one of 20 ‘Creatives to Watch’.

Referring to his work on the Maximón documentary Joel says, “I chose the Chirmia, a Maya double reed flute (similar to the sound of an English horn or oboe), along with the Marimba. The Chirmia is an ancient instrument used by the Maya, and the Marimba is used in modern Guatemalan music. To represent Maximon’s power and awe, I orchestrated large boom drums along with an ancient frame drum”.

MAXIMÓN – Santo o Diablo is Joel’s second project with AJAX FILMS. Like his score for Bird in the Sky, Joel was able to get inside the film, find the essence and translate it musically. His haunting melodies float in and out of the images like a lost spirit.


Miguel Á. Caroli – sound design/mix

MiguelMiguel Caroli, sound designer, graduated from Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (2006-2009). He is a member of Best Picture System, developing soundtracks for feature films, short films and music videos. Caroli designed the sound for the documentary Ergonomics for Diana and composed the soundtrack for the documentary Chaos in the City.

As music producer and musician of “El Dinamita Duo” he has, together with Domingo Lemus, composed and produced the soundtrack for the movie Puro Mula.

Caroli was participant of the Berlinale Talent Campus #10 as a sound designer.

We were excited to join Miguel in his Berlin studio where he created the dynamic sound mix/ design for Maximón – Santo o Diablo.


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